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The classrooms are extremely interactive and filled with energy. Screen sharing environment includes live market data, real-time trading signals and hands-on instruction.

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Trading Advantage offers courses that will prepare you for success in a variety of asset classes, including stocks, futures, options and ETFs.

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Access our electronic course library with over 100 lessons on stock specific learning. Instructional videos and interactive learning materials help you master the courses.

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Join us once a month for two days of one-on-one coaching and mentorship with our expert team of trading instructors. Change the way you trade forever.

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Final leaderboard

Dow Jones Industrial Average on October 10th

Leaderboard October 10, 2014 November 10, 2014
1st Dorothy in LA 16,544.14 16,895.13
2nd prakash in FL 16,544.00 16,113.00
3rd Mike in MI 16,543.72 15,388.14
4th Sandra in WI 16,544.81 16,588.69
5th Louise in MA 16,547.05 16,178.38
6th Allison in NY 16,547.21 17,217.54
7th david in NY 16,540.00 17,150.00
8th Michael in GA 16,539.62 17,451.24
9th STacie in TN 16,539.22 16,220.00
10th Gale in IL 16,549.58 14,880.58
11th Robert in IL 16,550.41 16,118.25
12th Michelle in NJ 16,537.27 15,927.53
13th terri in CA 16,536.47 15,781.52
14th larry in OH 16,536.00 16,880.00
15th Caulon in NM 16,536.00 16,867.00
16th Tom in MO 16,536.00 15,894.00
17th Linda in NM 16,535.00 15,531.00
18th Shelli in NY 16,553.74 17,763.09
19th Kathleen in NV 16,553.93 15,761.78
20th Tyrone in FL 16,553.93 16,853.36